04 June 2009

Hannah distributes cows & goats to Child Headed Households

With an endeavor to socio-economically assist the Child Heads of Households, Hannah Ministry distributes the goats which help the child-run families in Byumba in two important ways: they provide important nutrition and they help ensure economic sustainability. The breed of goat is chosen based on its quick reproductive cycle so many families are welcoming a new baby goat twice a year, giving them many options. For more, email: hannahministryinfo@gmail.com

06 February 2009

Young Women Assistance

As Hannah Ministry cares for vulnerable children, especially girls, it has facilitated the single mothers to create cooperatives. Currently, 6 cooperatives have been created and one of them (pictured) weaves baskets.
Basket weaving is part of their income generating activities. Your support for their cooperatives will raise them from poverty which is the main cause for undesired pregnancy. Therefore, they will be empowered to live on their own.

06 January 2009

Building Homes for shelterless Children

Hannah's Ministry helps local child-run households by building and maintaining their houses. Local materials are used to make tiles on this roof and cost around $200. Iron sheets are much more reliable and environmentally friendly but cost $400. These roofs provide security from the heavy rains that come through this part of Africa.

20 February 2007

Our Mission: A Ministry of Hope

Responding to the Great Commandment, our baptismal covenant, as well as General Convention and Diocesan Convention resolutions, a group of Kentucky Episcopalians has endeavored to support Hannah Ministries in order to serve the children of Byumba, Rwanda as we seek to help the world achieve the Millenium Development Goals. We invite you to join us as we work to serve Christ in others.

As a first step, become a One Episcopalian today!

The Programs

Our programs provide hope and life. Please join us today in Christ's mission. We invite you (as individuals, organizations, parishes...) to partner with us to enable us to reach out to many children at risk in Rwanda, a country devasted by HIV/AIDS pandemic in the aftermath of a genocide. Please consider giving any amount.

The project will sponsor 50 children at primary school with uniforms, scholastic material, clothes, shoes, and medicine. It will support 20 students
at secondary school with school fees, scholastic material and uniforms.
Please partner with us in this life changing mission opportunity. Donations in any amount will help to sustain this vital project. $25 supports a primary school student, $200 supports a secondary school student.

This project will be used to sponsor 20 children heads of families to learn a life skill that would enable them to live a more independent and sustainable life.
$280 gives one child a year's worth of vocational training.

Hannah Ministries is seeking sponsorship for 25 children living with HIV/AIDS by providing them with two meals each day, enabling them to take the essential ARV medicines.
Sponsorship of a child for $300 per year will enable Hannah Ministries to continue to feed, clothe, educate and pay medical expenses for these children.

We hope to build a health mutuality system which will provide 50 families (187 children) access to medical services.
$1000 per family builds a system of health care for these families so deeply affected by the AIDS pandemic.

$1250 supports an HIV/AIDS prevention education program that uses art, music, drama, and dance to spread this life-saving message.

$50 a year will provide a family with two goats and the promise of self-sustainability.

01 February 2007

About Hannah Ministries

Hannah Ministries-Tumurere-is a local Christian organization working with children at risk (orphans, children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, children living in a child led household, and street children). It is a local initiave born to respond to the needs of children living in child led households.

Medical Expenses
Vocation Training
HIV/AIDS Care & Counseling
Self-sustainable development

We invite your partnership with us in this dynamic ministry, based in Rwanda, in our effort to offer hope and sustainability for these little ones.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Josephine Mujawiyera
Executive Secretary
For more information contact: jomuja@yahoo.fr

Project Objectives

  • Train 20 children in tailoring to enable them to earn a living
  • Train 15 children in soapmaking and enable them to start a business using that skill
  • Support 50 children in formal school education at primary school and 20 students at the secondary school with payment of school fees and support of scholastic materials
  • Feed 25 children living with HIV/AIDS so they might be able to take the ARV drugs and go to school
  • Support 50 child led household with health care
  • Offer training for 50 famililes in the areas of Family Planning, Parenting Education, and Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation issues
  • Empower Hannah Ministries Tumurere by supporting their administrative costs

How to Help

To lend your voice in support of the Millenium Development Goals, become a One Episcopalian today!

For more info, contact us:
Ms. Josephine Mujawiera Email: jomuja@yahoo.fr
The Rev. Amy Real Coultas Email: amycoultas@gmail.com

Send a check today:
Payable to: Trustees & Council
Diocese of Kentucky
425 S. Second St.
Louisville, KY 40202
Please write "Hannah Ministries" in the memo line and indicate if there is a specific program you wish to suppport.

22 January 2007